Safety Pin Necklace

recycling safetypin_1Do you have a stack of safety pins left over from your last crafting project and don’t know what to do with them? Here is a fun way of recycling safety pins into wearable art.

You will need:

  1. A stack of safety pins in various sizes as available
  2. Old ribbons or elastic bands, you can also use knitting threads or leather cords from your old jewellery
  3. Leftover beads in a multitude of colors and sizes

Create your funky jewellery:

Step 1:

Open each safety pin and thread the beads in the design you like. Try various color combinations and bead combinations. Close the safety pins and keep them aside.

Step 2:

Measure the length of the neck piece you would like to create. It’s always better to keep a little extra and then cut. You will need two pieces of the same length. You can use two different colors or the same colors.

recycling safety_pin_2Step 3:

You will need to use your creativity for this step (so turn those slot machines off and get away from the internet casinos). Collect all the beaded safety pins and lay them down. All tops and bottoms should be aligned with each other. (The openings on one side and the little round loop of the pin on the other side) Now start threading one piece of the ribbon from one side passing through all the safety pin loops. Take the second piece of the ribbon and pass it through the other end of the safety pin.

Step 4:

Tie the ends of the ribbons together. Your recycled safety pin neckpiece is ready to show off!      If you have leftover elastic, it is easy to follow the steps above and create a safety pin bracelet or even a safety pin belt!

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