Recycling Old Candles

image007I recently found a box of candles while de-cluttering my garage. These are little pig candles from 2009 – probably the Year of the Pig! These candles were never used but I did not have the heart to throw out the little piggies. Recycling was my best chance at saving these candles and turning them into something more useful. It’s easy to do and I thought it was actually fun!

Here is step by step guide to recycling candles:

You will need:

  1. Old candles
  2. A saucepan
  3. A mold – old teacups, old glass jar or bowls
  4. Candle wick or cotton string

Step 1:

Heat the candles that you want to recycle on slow heat in a sauce pan. Once these start to melt, carefully remove the old wicks. Be careful and don’t burn yourself. Use an old chopstick for aid.

Step 2:

If you like, add some scented oils to the melted wax. I love fresh lemon or warm vanilla aromatic oils. Measure your mold and cut the candle wick accordingly. Cut an extra length so you can trim it later. Soak the wick in the melted wax and allow it to absorb the wax. Take and old chopstick or skewer and tie the wick in the center. Let it hang straight into the mold, right till the bottom.

upcycle-old-candles-e1334104045344Step 3:
Grease the mold from inside with a little vegetable oil. Now carefully pour the wax into the mold. Set it overnight. You can choose to pull the candle out of the mold by the wick or let it remain in the little teacup. You can also create colorful layers if you have candles in different colors (see picture)! You can be really creative and experiment. And the money you save you can spend on those other things you are craving! If you’re planning to try out online casinos though, we recommend to try first and see if free play satisfies you. That’s just another way of saving money! Get your very own guide here: and get started now. Recycling old candles could become your new hobby!

If all this doesn’t make sense, check out this video:

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