Changing Your Life to Go Mobile

We are living in a day and age where our mobile devices are becoming an integral part of our lives. This is because it is now possible to do so many things from a mobile device, such is the power and capability of them. From your banking, to video calls to watching movies and listening to music, your mobile device can handle all of these things effortlessly.

You can even play games such as mobile casino games and video games on your phone and tablet now. It is so convenient for users to be able to do all of these things from a device that fits in their pocket or bag, so we can literally do everything on the move. This is why more and more things are turning mobile, and this will continue to happen.

As the phones become more and more powerful, we are now adding more and more duties and processes to a phone. Mobile apps are a massive market on its own, and new apps are being built in the thousands every day due to the ability they give to mobile users. You can find apps for pretty much anything these days, whether it is for online shopping, to choosing a certain wine, to finding out your family tree, it can all be done via an app that you can download onto your phone.

Now you can pretty much design your life through your phone, and work out the best strategies for designing your schedule. They are great for keeping things organized, and now there is really no excuse for missing meetings, events or family birthdays. They are changing the way we think and do things. This is not always good for children, but it can also benefit in many ways too.

It is important that you give your children the right amount of exposure to mobile devices, and use them for their educational value, and not just for playing games. There are many really good apps that provide some great educational opportunities for children, and provide a lot more value than just playing games. So if you have kids, make sure you set them off on the right track by giving them the right exposure to a mobile device when they reach a suitable age.

5 Easy recycled crafts to do with your children

istock_000005278591xsmallIt is never too young to encourage recycling. You can make recycling and upcycling a part of your children’s life with these fun crafts which use household materials.

  1. Popsicle stick dolls: Your imagination is the limit to what you can do with these dolls. You can use colorful yarn for hair and draw on a face. Use cardboard for a hat and stick on bits of scrap cloth or colored paper to dress your doll up. Cut-up paper doilies make wonderful skirts.
  2. Toilet roll birds: Do not throw away that empty toilet paper roll. Stick on eyes and paper beaks. Use plenty of colored feathers to decorate your bird. You can also run yarn or string through the roll and tie the ends up like a clothesline so that your bird can fly through the room.
  3. Cereal box animals: Cereal box is made of tough cardboard which are perfect for making stand-up animals. You can make your own zoo with the stable cardboard.
  4. Yogurt cup pots: Yogurt containers make perfect pots for your seeds until they are ready to be planted in your garden. Make small holes in the bottom and let your kids decorate them as they please before filling with soil and planting some seeds.
  5. Butter tub cookie tin: Decorate your cleaned empty butter tub with color paper or artwork and line it with gift wrapping tissue to make a perfect sized tin to hold the cookies you baked for someone.