5 Easy recycled crafts to do with your children

istock_000005278591xsmallIt is never too young to encourage recycling. You can make recycling and upcycling a part of your children’s life with these fun crafts which use household materials.

  1. Popsicle stick dolls: Your imagination is the limit to what you can do with these dolls. You can use colorful yarn for hair and draw on a face. Use cardboard for a hat and stick on bits of scrap cloth or colored paper to dress your doll up. Cut-up paper doilies make wonderful skirts.
  2. Toilet roll birds: Do not throw away that empty toilet paper roll. Stick on eyes and paper beaks. Use plenty of colored feathers to decorate your bird. You can also run yarn or string through the roll and tie the ends up like a clothesline so that your bird can fly through the room.
  3. Cereal box animals: Cereal box is made of tough cardboard which are perfect for making stand-up animals. You can make your own zoo with the stable cardboard.
  4. Yogurt cup pots: Yogurt containers make perfect pots for your seeds until they are ready to be planted in your garden. Make small holes in the bottom and let your kids decorate them as they please before filling with soil and planting some seeds.
  5. Butter tub cookie tin: Decorate your cleaned empty butter tub with color paper or artwork and line it with gift wrapping tissue to make a perfect sized tin to hold the cookies you baked for someone.

Unique Note Pad Idea

In today’s world of environmentally conscious policies and eco-friendly lifestyles, it makes sense to utilize waste and scrap for art. Many people make little arts and crafts out of waste, like tiny notepads out of discarded business cards.  You can also use paint sample chips you get from the hardware store for making little colorful note pads to carry around in handbags and purses.

Giving away little notepads made with recycled paper and your business cards as cover on one or both ends, is one way of not only ensuring that people keep your business cards, but also use them regularly. Just use any recycled paper, and it will be ridiculously cheap. You will also get mileage for being eco-friendly and innovative.

It goes without saying that such tiny notepads will arouse curiosity in people when they see it in use, thereby bringing you word-of-mouth advertising. You can use them to advertise your business at office parties, trade shows, etc. These tiny notepads can be used to advertise not just businesses, but even to get people to donate, or volunteer or save the environment or the wildlife, etc. They can be given out at birthday parties and other functions to support your favorite star or show.

These mini notepads are ridiculously easy to make; just buy sample chips in a color you like; cut them to about 1/4th inch more than the size of the business card; place them on one end, the sheets of recycled paper in between, and your visiting card on top. Staple together, and voila, you have your mini notepad ready! For a tutorial that goes into more detail, check here!

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