Best Casino Games That Could Change Your Life

Online casino is a game that can completely change your life completely. Casino games are associated with big wins that once secured could be your turning point in life. The frequent winning is a good sign of a high paying casino; however, it is good to note that big wins are associated with the best sign-in for jackpot slots. Therefore, here are some of the Games that could change your life completely.


This is one fantastic casino that has been there since March year 2016. It boasts of a loyal and highly dedicated player base because of their commitment to offering unparalleled experience in iGaming. Their main commitment is the incredible rate of payout that stops at an impressing 97.85% (source comes from topcasinobewertungen), therefore, embrace this great online casino and experience a different life.

Mega Moolah

The mega molar game is life changer that comes with a 5-reel slot with around 25 lines that can be engaged on every spin. Mega moolah provides a progressive jackpot that highly pays. From the same one may also, win a prize from the progressive jackpot. One can win up to 75,000 coins as it increases with free spins up to 225,000 coins. This, therefore, means you can easily win a huge amount by engaging in the base game as you trigger the progressive jackpot bonus game. It is really a great game. Mega Moolah is probably the most famous progressive slot machine. Pretty much every online casinos offer the savanna-themed game! Visit and check their article dedicated to Mega Moolah and how to hit its jackpot!

Casumo Game

Gamification has become one of the hottest concepts in various industries, and so is the online casino. Casumo is one of the new casinos that have employed this concept and implementing it in the best way. They offer the most impressive rate of payout which is more than 97%. The classy, unique and gamified design of the casino has made casumo distinctively stand out among the many online gaming. It is a great game that can change one’s life if played in the right way

Party Casino

Party casino is a gaming company behind the renowned Party Poker site, which has taken the internet by storm. It is one of the best and well-paying gaming company with several games. It has an in-built roaster which is a highly adaptable and functional website. Party casino features 96%payout rate which is a top cherry of an excellent and highly paying game

888 Casino

888 Casino has proved to be a great and well-paying game. It stands out as the powerhouse of online gambling because of the quality experience and payment which every gambler looks up to. The amazing 98.25% does not suppress its reputation at all. It is an amazing game that can change one’s life when perfectly mastered

Royal Panda

Royal Panda boasts of a payout rate that revolves around 94.77%. They combine their versatility, intuitive design and its design with its great generosity. Royal Panda has titles from the top developers in the industry and they regularly add on new games to ensure fresh and exciting selection.

Engaging in casino games can generously pay, specially when new games are released . They offer different rates of payout and game choices to ensure a wide range of selection. Make sure you stay in the loop and check for more new games! The above-reviewed games are some of the best casino games. These games could change your life!

Where to Find the Best Casino Reviews

It can be difficult to know where to find the best casino reviews, especially if you are new to the gaming community. You certainly want to choose legitimate sites whether you are new to gaming itself and are just looking to play on another site about which you have no knowledge. Although it is nice to assume each site is legitimate, the reality is that there are gaming sites that are interested only in taking your money and not giving any in return. In addition, there are many fraudulent sites throughout the gaming industry, so you need to make sure you have knowledge of every gaming site you use through the best casino reviews.

How do you assess where to find the best casino reviews? First, you want to look for honest reviews such as the onlinecasinosguidelines review Yukon Gold Casino for Canadians. If the review site you choose is willing to post a negative review, if that is what the gaming site deserves. If not a negative review as such, you want a reviewer who does not give every gaming site a five-Star review rating. That should be one of the first clues that a particular review site might be writing biased reviews instead of the best casino reviews. You want to read honest reviews and not those based upon someone’s biased opinion of the gaming sites.

For the best casino reviews choose a site that reviews not just the games themselves but other aspects of the gaming community including the software each site uses. Before you play any online gaming site whether its slots, poker or a combination of different games you want to have enough information to be confident you at least have a chance at the jackpot and this can be found in the best casino reviews. That means you want to avoid those sites that do not offer bonuses or frequent payouts. Great reviews can be found if you visit, stay tuned and check their other reviews too! You are playing for a chance to win some money—or at least credits for additional games—not to make the casino owner rich.

Things to Do Inside During the Winter

So the winter months are closing in, it is getting colder and the daylight is gone by early evening time. Even though the daylight hours get shorter, the winter days can often seem longer as you try to find things to do in the house. You look out the window and the rain is lashing down, and the wind chill is extreme, so you do not want to venture outside at all.

Fortunately there are plenty of things that you can do to keep you busy and occupied during these bleak days, and they do not all have to involve watching the TV. But technology can certainly play its part in keeping you busy. If you like to play games, then there are many online games that you can play now, a lot of them for free as well.

If you have kids, then this opens up a world of new opportunities for you. You can teach them how to bake cakes, kids always love to get involved in doing that. You can do some art and crafts, as this is also something that they like to do. Try and make some smaller cakes and get your child really involved so they get a sense of accomplishment once they are finished too.

Painting (using water colors) is another thing that children like to partake in. Make sure you cover all the surfaces and be prepared for cleaning up some mess afterwards, but it certainly can be a lot of fun for you both. Try and get some paint by numbers books so that they have something specific that they can paint.

If you get bored don’t forget the fun online casinos can bring! We got to test some slot machines on the best online casinos in 2018, check for more information.

Changing Your Life to Go Mobile

We are living in a day and age where our mobile devices are becoming an integral part of our lives. This is because it is now possible to do so many things from a mobile device, such is the power and capability of them. From your banking, to video calls to watching movies and listening to music, your mobile device can handle all of these things effortlessly.

You can even play games such as mobile casino games and video games on your phone and tablet now. It is so convenient for users to be able to do all of these things from a device that fits in their pocket or bag, so we can literally do everything on the move. This is why more and more things are turning mobile, and this will continue to happen.

As the phones become more and more powerful, we are now adding more and more duties and processes to a phone. Mobile apps are a massive market on its own, and new apps are being built in the thousands every day due to the ability they give to mobile users. You can find apps for pretty much anything these days, whether it is for online shopping, choosing a certain wine, to finding out your family tree, play online games thanks to the official website of Yukon gold casino, place some bets on your favorite sport and so on. It can all be done via an app that you can download onto your phone.

Now you can pretty much design your life through your phone, and work out the best strategies for designing your schedule. They are great for keeping things organized, and now there is really no excuse for missing meetings, events or family birthdays. They are changing the way we think and do things. This is not always good for children, but it can also benefit in many ways too.

It is important that you give your children the right amount of exposure to mobile devices, and use them for their educational value, and not just for playing games. There are many really good apps that provide some great educational opportunities for children, and provide a lot more value than just playing games. So if you have kids, make sure you set them off on the right track by giving them the right exposure to a mobile device when they reach a suitable age. More details? Check their content gives you reliable information.

5 Easy recycled crafts to do with your children

istock_000005278591xsmallIt is never too young to encourage recycling. You can make recycling and upcycling a part of your children’s life with these fun crafts which use household materials.

  1. Popsicle stick dolls: Your imagination is the limit to what you can do with these dolls. You can use colorful yarn for hair and draw on a face. Use cardboard for a hat and stick on bits of scrap cloth or colored paper to dress your doll up. Cut-up paper doilies make wonderful skirts.
  2. Toilet roll birds: Do not throw away that empty toilet paper roll. Stick on eyes and paper beaks. Use plenty of colored feathers to decorate your bird. You can also run yarn or string through the roll and tie the ends up like a clothesline so that your bird can fly through the room.
  3. Cereal box animals: Cereal box is made of tough cardboard which are perfect for making stand-up animals. You can make your own zoo with the stable cardboard.
  4. Yogurt cup pots: Yogurt containers make perfect pots for your seeds until they are ready to be planted in your garden. Make small holes in the bottom and let your kids decorate them as they please before filling with soil and planting some seeds.
  5. Butter tub cookie tin: Decorate your cleaned empty butter tub with color paper or artwork and line it with gift wrapping tissue to make a perfect sized tin to hold the cookies you baked for someone.

Unique Note Pad Idea

In today’s world of environmentally conscious policies and eco-friendly lifestyles, it makes sense to utilize waste and scrap for art. Many people make little arts and crafts out of waste, like tiny notepads out of discarded business cards.  You can also use paint sample chips you get from the hardware store for making little colorful note pads to carry around in handbags and purses.

Giving away little notepads made with recycled paper and your business cards as cover on one or both ends, is one way of not only ensuring that people keep your business cards, but also use them regularly. Just use any recycled paper, and it will be ridiculously cheap. You will also get mileage for being eco-friendly and innovative.

It goes without saying that such tiny notepads will arouse curiosity in people when they see it in use, thereby bringing you word-of-mouth advertising. You can use them to advertise your business at office parties, trade shows, etc. These tiny notepads can be used to advertise not just businesses, but even to get people to donate, or volunteer or save the environment or the wildlife, etc. They can be given out at birthday parties and other functions to support your favorite star or show.

These mini notepads are ridiculously easy to make; just buy sample chips in a color you like; cut them to about 1/4th inch more than the size of the business card; place them on one end, the sheets of recycled paper in between, and your visiting card on top. Staple together, and voila, you have your mini notepad ready! For a tutorial that goes into more detail, check here!

If you are running out of ideas of what to do, why not check out Grand Mondial Casino Review!


Recycling Old Candles

image007I recently found a box of candles while de-cluttering my garage. These are little pig candles from 2009 – probably the Year of the Pig! These candles were never used but I did not have the heart to throw out the little piggies. Recycling was my best chance at saving these candles and turning them into something more useful. It’s easy to do and I thought it was actually fun!

Here is step by step guide to recycling candles:

You will need:

  1. Old candles
  2. A saucepan
  3. A mold – old teacups, old glass jar or bowls
  4. Candle wick or cotton string

Step 1:

Heat the candles that you want to recycle on slow heat in a sauce pan. Once these start to melt, carefully remove the old wicks. Be careful and don’t burn yourself. Use an old chopstick for aid.

Step 2:

If you like, add some scented oils to the melted wax. I love fresh lemon or warm vanilla aromatic oils. Measure your mold and cut the candle wick accordingly. Cut an extra length so you can trim it later. Soak the wick in the melted wax and allow it to absorb the wax. Take and old chopstick or skewer and tie the wick in the center. Let it hang straight into the mold, right till the bottom.

upcycle-old-candles-e1334104045344Step 3:
Grease the mold from inside with a little vegetable oil. Now carefully pour the wax into the mold. Set it overnight. You can choose to pull the candle out of the mold by the wick or let it remain in the little teacup. You can also create colorful layers if you have candles in different colors (see picture)! You can be really creative and experiment. And the money you save you can spend on those other things you are craving! If you’re planning to try out online casinos though, we recommend to try first and see if free play satisfies you. That’s just another way of saving money! Get your very own guide here: and get started now. Recycling old candles could become your new hobby!

If all this doesn’t make sense, check out this video:

Safety Pin Necklace

recycling safetypin_1Do you have a stack of safety pins left over from your last crafting project and don’t know what to do with them? Here is a fun way of recycling safety pins into wearable art.

You will need:

  1. A stack of safety pins in various sizes as available
  2. Old ribbons or elastic bands, you can also use knitting threads or leather cords from your old jewellery
  3. Leftover beads in a multitude of colors and sizes

Create your funky jewellery:

Step 1:

Open each safety pin and thread the beads in the design you like. Try various color combinations and bead combinations. Close the safety pins and keep them aside.

Step 2:

Measure the length of the neck piece you would like to create. It’s always better to keep a little extra and then cut. You will need two pieces of the same length. You can use two different colors or the same colors.

recycling safety_pin_2Step 3:

You will need to use your creativity for this step (so turn those slot machines off and get away from the internet casinos). Collect all the beaded safety pins and lay them down. All tops and bottoms should be aligned with each other. (The openings on one side and the little round loop of the pin on the other side) Now start threading one piece of the ribbon from one side passing through all the safety pin loops. Take the second piece of the ribbon and pass it through the other end of the safety pin.

Step 4:

Tie the ends of the ribbons together. Your recycled safety pin neckpiece is ready to show off!      If you have leftover elastic, it is easy to follow the steps above and create a safety pin bracelet or even a safety pin belt!

Recycling Christmas cards, wrapping paper and decorations

Hope Santa brought in good tidings for you and your family this Christmas and New Year. Festivals bring in happiness and joy, but also bring in paraphernalia of greeting cards, wrapping papers, ribbons and other decorations that are first stacked and then thrown away.

Here are some great ideas to recycle Christmas cards, wrapping and ribbons:

  1. Gift bags: Collect empty cereal boxes in various sizes and cut the top flaps off. Stick the wrapping paper that you want to reuse on the box, carefully creasing the edges. Punch holes in opposite ends on the top for handles. Braid ribbons, pass these through the holes and then knot on the inside.  Use leftover decorations to spruce up your bag!
  2. Wall Art: Cut large letters using pictures from greeting cards. Think of inspirational words such as Peace, Joy, Love or the name of your kid. Mount it on a contrasting wrapping paper and frame it. Play with various size, placement and fonts; use the one that works best for you.
  3. Placemats and drawer liners: Cut about 20 strips of wrapping paper in lengths of 2.5cms x 20 cms. Learn the basic weaving technique of alternating strips of paper in an up and down direction to create a mat. Fold the edges and decorate with a ribbon. Laminate the woven mat and use as a disposable placemat or colorful drawer liners. Don’t worry, lerning to do that is as easy as learning how to play roulette!
  4.  Paper doilies: Cut wrapping paper in a size slightly larger than a dinner plate. Use pinking shears to create a patter on the edges. Fold the round paper into a quarter and use a small punching machine to punch out a pattern. Experiment with the ones you like. Use these paper doilies as coasters for the next Christmas dinner.


recycling chritsmas

Learn Origami and recycle old books – We call it ‘Recyclogami’

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding has been around for ages. Sheets of square coloured paper have kept generations of little kids busy and their mothers happy.  Innovative crafters have taken origami a step ahead and have used this traditional art to reduce and recycle old books that may be lying around catching dust. This is a creative and economical solution to update your home decor.

Sounds exciting? Let’s ‘Recyclogami’

Here are three must do’s for starters:

  1. Before you start tearing up your significant other’s priced possession, it’s a good idea to use old newspapers, watch some YouTube videos and familiarize yourself once again with the basics of paper folding.
  2. Sort out the books that you can tear up from the ones that you might want to keep, make sure that these don’t get mixed. Since origami can get a little complicated, use books that have thick pages. This will also make essential steps like folding and turning easier.
  3. Finally, make sure that you have a flat surface and a comfortable chair to work on. Origami is a serious craft. Unlike knitting, it takes a while to learn to do it on the couch while watching the T.V. or while playing blackjack online.


Kusudama flower balls are one of the easiest folds for the origami novice. To begin with, tear a few sheets of paper and cut them into equal sized squares. Watch this video and learn how to make the basic flower balls.  You can experiment with various square sizes for your perfect flower.

Add a ribbon to make a great hanging for your door, or bunch a few of these flowers and make a gorgeous table centre piece. You can also use some old pictorial or comic books for flower ball buntings in the kids’ bedroom. Origami gets easier and more intuitive as you go along. Play around with various folds, and combine these to create your own signature origami style. Check out Etsy for some stunning inspiration.

The Three R Formula

Most people are already aware of the now famous three R formula that talks about: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The Environmental Protection Agency emphasizes on the use of the three Rs as following them can help the economy on a very large scale.

So what is the three R formula? Let’s have a look at it!

Reduce: This simply means to reduce the amount of garbage one generates. Experts are scared that we will not have enough space to dispose of our garbage if we continue to create it at the current rate. It is very important to reduce the garbage if one wants to walk on a healthy and clean earth in the future. Some simple ways in which one can reduce the garbage are:

– Try to buy things that have a long shelf life so that one does not have to throw them away very quickly.
– Always use the “best-way” of doing things so that the garbage is as minimal as possible.
– Avoid buying or using things (such as polythene bags) that cannot be recycled easily and are hard to dispose of.
– Follow the second and third R

Reuse: A lot of products that you throw away may be reused. Take an example of a disposable mineral water bottle that people often throw away, when in reality that bottle may be used to store water. There may be several other uses of the same bottle as several people also use them as pots to grow plants. If one looks for options, there are several unique ideas that can be used to reuse items that one would generally throw away.

Recycle: The third R is of equal importance if not more. It means using a recycling program so that the items that you consider trash may be used for another purpose. Several items that are useless for households can be used by local environmental services. A very good example is the electricity generation system in the New York area that uses garbage to create electricity that lights most of the city. Instead of looking for Fast Money, all this recommendations will help you save money in a way you can also help the environment.
All these Rs are equally useful and should be paid utmost attention to for a healthy tomorrow.